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Dick Ramsey, Author and Publisher for Patch Pocket Press, welcomes you to explore and discover Gail Stuart in With One Hand Tied Behind His Back; The Life and Times of Gail Stuart.  The book is available in three volumes, and as a single edition as well.

Synopsis for With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

Despite the bravado, the broad subjects of this story deal with ethics:  What should we value?  Are we right or wrong?  And, what virtues should we use to fulfill our values?    In With One Hand Tied…, Gail Stuart, an eighteen year old college Freshman is wrongly accused of stealing a mid-term Geology test Will he overcome his dilemma?  Do objective values, morals, and virtues really matter?  Do they presuppose an understandable reality that requires morals?  Or, are values and behavior outside reality and simply personal choices with one choice as valid as another?  As the story unfolds and concludes, will everyone get what they deserve?  Or, is justice merely a cynical term used    arbitrarily to define the results of influence and luck?

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