Atlas Shrugged DVD

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Atlas Shrugged DVD

 Although it’s not yet available, will the Atlas Shrugged DVD for part 2 exceed the revenues of part 1?  I’ll give it a maybe.  Yet, like part 1, I’m sure that sales won’t rise much above the medium range, and by Hollywood standards, that’s not enough to pop for a sequel.  Any visit to an actual theater showing parts 1 and 2 would have confirmed that they did not do well.  While Ayn Rand buffs were there, others were not.  There will, however, be a part 3.  Producer, John Aglialoro’s personal passion and commitment will see to it.

It Takes a Movie Guy to Review Atlas Shrugged DVD


The Atlas Shrugged dvd for part 2 might do better, but not much.  The reason is that good box office needs big names.  It also needs a producer that knows the movie business, a savvy director, and writers who understand and appreciate the Atlas Shrugged message of Objectivism.  But with the two Atlas movies, all we had was an interested producer keen on Atlas Shrugged.  Part 1 was his first movie.  Even so, he might have pulled it off—ticket wise—had he cast just one character from Atlas Shrugged properly, Dagny Taggart.

Atlas Shrugged DVD News: Angelina Jolie Was Interested


I had heard, through the Atlas Society in New York, that Angelina Jolie was once interested in playing Dagny Taggart.  What happened to that idea or whether she was too expensive, I don’t know.  In any event, in Atlas Shrugged Part 1, they wound up with Taylor Schilling, a twenty-six-year-old with okay looks but who lacked Dagny’s intensity and strength.  In part 2, it was Samantha Mathis, who had a couple of good moments, but who also failed the passion test and needed twenty less pounds.  Dagny does not have chubby cheeks.  Yet, to reach the black with revenues, an Atlas Shrugged dvd requires a Dagny Taggart who is seen by Ayn Rand devotees as believable, and by non-readers of Atlas as someone refusing to be a victim.

Who is Dagny Taggart?


Consider her looks and character.  As the Vice President of Operations of Taggart Transcontinental, she holds a degree in engineering and has actually performed every railroad operational job of any significance from age twelve.  Dagny is in her early 30s, is five foot-six or seven with shoulder length dark hair and penetrating blue eyes.  She is considered beautiful but not in the traditional sense because her sharp features emphasize her intensity.  She has an alluring figure with the moves of an athlete.  I can see her running the 440.  Yet because she smokes and rarely drinks, she is naturally thin.  She is also thin because she is often preoccupied and skips meals.  She wears a size six or eight and is traditionally yet expensively well dressed.  Apparel, however, is not a priority.  Therefore, considering her interests, it wouldn’t be unusual for her to forget an accessory, or, if after spilling coffee on her skirt, continue to wear it all day and that evening.  In the relationship department, unless a prospective suitor is as dynamic, accomplished, and as interesting as John Galt, Hank Rearden, or Francisco D’Anconia, they should probably seek someone else because Dagny is not listening.  Instead, because she has successfully handled all the top jobs in her own industry and easily supports herself, she takes responsibility for her own happiness and in close relationships seeks only the company of men whose values she can admire and whose capabilities exceed her own.

You Get What You Pay For


To get non-Atlas readers in theater seats, settled with their popcorn and Junior Mints, where they also anticipate a two-hour transformation into the way things might be or ought to be, if you are the producer and you want to maximize returns on the Atlas Shrugged dvd, you have already paid the necessary fifteen million to Angelina Jolie,  Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, or Jodie Foster as your Dagny Taggart.  Then, you spend another ten million hyping your production to the point where Angelina, Natalie, Reese, or Jodie are seen as no less than the second coming and that everything else will stop on that symbolic day when the Atlas Shrugged dvd is released.








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