About Dick Ramsey

Dick Ramsey is a values, morals and principles guy.  Such attributes represent the essence of his book, WithOne Hand Tied Behind His Back: The Life and Times of Gail Stuart.   

But he didn’t start out that way.  When they were handing out the virtues all he got was a strong dose of individualism that tends to run amuck without values, morals, and principles supporting its program.  Still, as a reader he could get lucky. 

After college, he worked for one of those funny communications companies that are always in the news either suing or being sued.  Later, he operated—without being sued—his own retail clothing business near Tucson, Arizona, and most recently saw success as an independent publisher’s representative back in Minneapolis, his hometown.  Along the way, he did get lucky.  Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and the history of ideas would stretch a lot of imaginations including his. 

The idea for With One Hand Tied BehindHis Back included having protagonist Gail Stuart wrongly accused of a crime by characters perceived as entirely moral and above reproach.  Then, in between juggling his business, classes, activities, and other adventures, Gail’s consistent use reason, logic, and principle, would beat them at their own game.